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Kiwis urged to help kids in care

Kiwis urged to help kids in care

Review: Today Sarah Harris of the NZ Herald reports the call by Oranga Tamariki CEO, Grainne Moss, for New Zealanders to rally together to help the 6100 children in state care, 70% of whom are Māori. While she did not directly talk about loneliness, she talked about building relationships, which counters isolation and loneliness.  She says: “A lot of kids tell us it was one person who did a little thing that gave them hope. When children tell us what changed their life it’s the relationships. And everyone in the community can have a relationship.”

“It doesn’t need to be a big thing like bringing kids into your home or formal care with you.  Even noticing kids who are isolated helps.  Showing them how another family is, inviting them over.”

Feature photo: NZ Herald.

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Please note that the newspaper article and online article have different headlines.