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No substitute for face time

No substitute for face time

Review: Today Joanna Mathers writes in the NZ Herald about the importance of workers interacting face-to-face for great business outcomes. “Face-to-face human interaction, it seems, is the key to greater creativity, relationship building, and idea sharing.” Building on this idea, the large tech companies – such as IBM, Apple, and Google are leading the way to reduce remote work in favour of the office.

Whilst there are disadvantages for the business, there are also disadvantages for the remote worker. “Life can be lonely for the remote worker, and it can be hard to find motivation when you’re not in the hub of a work environment.” What is suggested, where it makes sense for a business, is a balance between the flexibility of remote work and being in the office.

Feature photo: Face-to-face interaction with co-workers can sharpen the blade of creative energy. Getty images.