Loneliness NZ

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Only the lonely

Only the lonely

Review: Today the Otago Daily Times published an article by Steve Braunias, who met with legendary guitar player Peter Posa at his home in Te Awamutu.  Peter tells Steve about his life stories, including his fame and deep despair.

In 1970 he attempted suicide by crashing his vehicle one night. “I was lonely, I was depressed – loneliness is a terrible feeling. That’s really the thing I think that causes depressions.”

He  married in 1991 and they moved to Te Awamutu.  However, he still suffered and had three attempts to take his life.  “The last one,” he said, “I just felt so lonely, so deep with loneliness, that I felt I was on the outside looking in, where you just can’t feel love. I thought, `I can’t stand this anymore.’ … Margaret came in and found me slumped over the couch, vomiting.”

In September he will be 77 years old.