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Opinion: Brien Cree – Say no to postcode healthcare

Opinion: Brien Cree – Say no to postcode healthcare

Review: Today Brien Cree writes in INsite Magazine on the benefits of aged residential care.  He notes: “I believe in people staying in their own home as long as possible, provided they are safe, their health and wellbeing does not suffer, and they are well supported. However, even with home support, an older person may be isolated, lonely, and sacrificing better health. Family support can be put under pressure, and older carers may be struggling to cope, often facing health issues themselves.”

Analysis of InterRAI data found that six months after entering aged residential care:

  • 82% no longer felt lonely
  • 74.5% had improved health stability
  • 62.1% had improved mental health
  • 62.6% had improved levels of pain

Feature photo: Radius Care Managing Director Brien Cree says the ‘Caring for Our Older Kiwis’ report found that there were “significant benefits of aged residential care”.