Loneliness NZ

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Contact Us

Get Started

If you have come from one of the “I’m feeling lonely” or “Let’s prevent loneliness” pages, and you would like to explore having sessions on conquering loneliness please go via our “Get Started” page.

General communication

Our primary contact for general communication is via our form below.  We will enjoy hearing from you, so please send us a message. With our limited capacity, we will endeavour to respond to you soon. To subscribe to our newsletter (planned for every two to three a year) please do so through the link on the footer of the website.

Crisis situation

If you are in a crisis situation where you are in immediate physical danger of harm please call New Zealand’s emergency service 111. 


We do not have the capacity to provide a general chatline or helpline service for lonely people.  To enable us to cope with the high demand of lonely people wishing to get help, our primary first point of contact is our Get Started form.

Mailing address

We are a national organisation servicing all of New Zealand.  We do not have any physical offices, and instead we service New Zealand virtually.  If you need to mail us, our mailing address is:

Loneliness NZ
30A Bell Road
Auckland 1050 
New Zealand.