Loneliness NZ

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Get started

Well done for taking your first step in conquering loneliness in New Zealand.
  • To get started please complete our form.
  • We would like to understand how we can help you, or your group.
  • We will be in touch with you soon to make an appointment to set up personal sessions.

  • Please note
    • We aim to help you understand your inner-self better, and make better sense of the world around you, so that you can get more from life.
    • We do not have the capacity to provide a general helpline or chatline service for lonely people.
    • If you are in a crisis situation where you are in immediate physical danger of harm please call New Zealand’s emergency service 111.

    Loneliness NZ is a newly formed Trust with limited resources. Whilst the website describes services Loneliness NZ aims to provide, Loneliness NZ is not making any commitment that it will be able to deliver these services. For example, we currently do not have any capability to provide services in any language than English.

    If our current resources are insufficient to help you right now, we will let you know; and will keep in touch to let you know when we can help you.

    Whilst we would like to help everyone in need, if we believe our services are not the right ones for you then we will let you know.  Whilst we describe on the website the services Loneliness NZ aims to provide, there is no commitment on our part to deliver those services if we do not believe it is in your or our interest.

    Whilst Loneliness NZ is a Trust, it relies on grants, donations, other sources of funding, and service fees to operate. As a newly formed Trust, Loneliness NZ does not yet have any external sources of funding.  As a consequence, for now, there will be fees chargeable to users for our services.

    Even if you are unable to pay for services, please complete the Getting Started form so that we can share with funding agencies the level of demand for these services.